Almost everyone will use the vacuum flask, and we are most concerned about its insulation performance. In addition to the quality of the vacuum flask will affect the insulation performance, the current ambient temperature will also affect the insulation performance.

Take hot water as an example. Generally, a qualified vacuum flask s can keep the temperature of hot water at about 60 °C for 6 hours at standard room temperature(25°C).

Because everyone’s environment and habit of using a vacuum flask are different, the insulation effect of the vacuum flask is also different.

The following method can improve the heat preservation and cold preservation effect of the vacuum flask.

Before you use the vacuum flask, in order to have a good insulation effect, it is best to preheat or precool it with boiling water or cold water for about 5 minutes. (Preheat with hot water for hot water, and pre-cool with ice water for cold water)

It is also very important that the water in the vacuum flask should not be overfilled to prevent the water from touching the lid or the inner plug, because the lid conducts heat, which affects the insulation effect of the vacuum flask.