The baby bottle is a common drinking device for infants, so it is necessary to clean and disinfect in time. So how to disinfect the baby bottle?

  1. Boil. Add appropriate amount of cold water to the sterilization pot, then put the parts such as the bottle body and nipple into the pot, boil the water for 5-10 minutes, then take it out and place it on the bottle rack to dry.
  2. Steam disinfection. Parents need to put the washed baby bottle upside down in the steam sterilizer, add appropriate amount of water, press the switch and disinfect for 5 minutes. The specific operation needs to be according to the product manual.
  3. Microwave disinfection. The baby bottle can be put in the special disinfecting pot of microwave oven and disinfected according to the instructions. It should be noted that plastic baby bottles can not be directly put into the microwave oven. It is necessary to put the plastic baby bottles into the containers with clear water for microwave disinfection. Do not microwave sterilize the nipple and cover, otherwise it will deform.

Due to different materials and brands of baby bottles, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully and adjust the disinfection time in time before disinfection. It is recommended that the frequency of disinfection should not be too high, and it can be disinfected once every three days