Water bottles are commonly used items in daily life. There are many materials for water bottles. Some people like glass water bottles because they are very safe, but they are easy to break and not easy to carry outdoors. Of course, many people like to use plastic water bottles, but at the same time, many people think that plastic water bottles are not safe and think that the use of plastic water bottles is harmful to the human body until the emergence of Tritan plastic bottles!

Is tritan material safe? When tritan material is used to make water bottles, many people have the same question. Until tritan material has passed FDA certification, it is tested that it does not contain BPA, BPS and any other bisphenol compounds, as well as estrogen and androgen active substances even at high temperature. Later, it is used as the designated material for infant products in Europe and America, Its safety performance can be seen!

The water bottle made of tritan material is not only safe, but also has better performance than other plastic materials. The plastic water bottle made of tritan material has high light transmittance, crystal like luster, comparable clarity with glass material, and high impact strength, so the plastic water bottle made of tritan material will be more durable!

Tritan material can withstand up to 95 high temperature, but the best use temperature of tritan plastic water bottle is - 10 ~ 96 . If the temperature is too high, it may lead to the deformation of the water bottle, which is also something we should pay attention to when using tritan water bottle!