We care about the health of consumers and pay more attention to the sustainable development of environment and ecology. Diller water bottles are made of resuable, recyclable, health, safety and environmental protection materials to reduce environmental impact. Designed to last.
Parent Brand


We advocate "simple and pure", that is, enjoying the moment and feeling
the truth of every moment of life.

In line with the attitude of returning to the true nature of life, we focus on the concept of simplicity and practicality in the development and design of products, and constantly create good things for a warm life.

Children's Series Brand


Dillerkids accompany children to grow up healthily. We pay close attention to the current growth status of children, implement the concept of "praise the innocence", and carry out product development from the perspective of children. Strictly select materials, care for children's health through healthy, safe and guaranteed products, pass on warmth, and make every care without worries.


DILLER BOTTLE is a sports water bottle brand under DILLER. It integrates fashion and vitality elements, and is always committed to creating a water bottle with a comfortable experience for consumers, making scientific water replenishment an indispensable part of your life. In the pursuit of health, we walk with you and accompany you to be healthy.

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